Walking and dancing across the hot coals of a sacred fire has been practiced for thousands of years. Since the dawn of time, people have honored the element of fire as one which transforms, purifies, and connects us to the spirit world.  Fire offers us an experience of transcendence as an element ever present during initiations and ceremony.  The modern fire walking movement was brought to the United States in the late 1970's as a transformative experience that anyone could access; from corporate employees to small spiritual gatherings, fire walking became a tool for personal empowerment and spiritual communion. 

Ancient Ways hosts two fire walks a year; one at summer solstice (June) and the other at autumn equinox (September). Preregistration is required via the event page. If you feel drawn to host a fire walk, please contact us. Fire walks are an amazing addition to community gatherings, rites of passage, fundraising/charity events, and corporate team building.

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