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The Healing Practice of Jennifer Hudziec

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                     SHAMANIC HEALING SESSIONS
Evidence of shamanism has been found on 6 continents and dates back as far back as 50,000 years. In the days of old, shamans were the spiritual healers of the tribe; they would preform rituals and healings so that the individual and the community could thrive. Although shamans still exist in indigenous tribes throughout the world, people who borrow techniques from these spiritual healers are referred to as shamanic practitioners. The clear intention of the shamanic practitioner is the energetic elevation and  spiritual alignment of the recipient.  The "holding" of the recipient's experience is sacred and transformation occurs through the direct revelations that one experiences.  There are countless ways that a shamanic practitioner can guide a person in this type of healing and below are a few elements of what a healing may include; ultimately the session is guided by spirit, ancestors, and the guides of the seeker. Shamanic sessions are perfect for anyone who experiences  a feeling of  "something missing," a repeating pattern or negative behavior, a desire for change, grief, mental chatter, and many other issues whose causes seem mysterious. The "root" of the cause is "tracked" so that awareness, ritual, and release can occur. Shamanic sessions are not meant to replace medical or mental health care, but act as an adjunct for addressing overlooked spiritual care. 
shamanic sessions divination
Derived from the West African country of Burkina Faso by shaman Malidoma Some, this form of divination is based in the elemental cosmology of fire, water, earth, mineral, and nature.  Those who seek out divination are often looking to break patterns, understand events in their lives, facilitate change, or to deepen their understanding of themselves. Divination is a technique that can help those who are confused to reach understanding by tracking root cause. 
shamanic sessions soul retrieval


Journeying is the art of sinking into a deep state of relaxation so that one can "travel" through layers of reality to receive  information for transformation.  A powerful form of direct revelation, journeying is often accompanied by a drum beat so that one can access power animals, spirit guides, ancestors, and other allies which may compose an individuals spiritual "team."

shamanic sessions journey work


The process of soul retrieval is based in the belief that when a person experiences some trauma, stress, or uncomfortable experience, a part of our vital essence flees the body so that we can survive the event by foregoing the full intensity of the pain involved.  A shamanic practitioner will journey to find this lost part and bring it back to the individual so that they can feel less fragmented, more in their body, and more "whole."

shamanic sessions journey work


Shamanic extraction is a way to help clear stored emotional/spiritual energy in the body that may be producing "blocks" and often physical symptoms. According to the shamanic perspective, energy is neither good nor bad but often times becomes misplaced and needs to be re-aligned. A shamanic extraction can bring into balance internal energy (much like aligning the chakra system) while cleansing and clearing areas of accumulation and releasing this excess to nature.