Ancient Ways

The Healing Practice of Jennifer Hudziec



                                                               MASSAGE THERAPY

The earliest written recording of Massage Therapy dates back 5,000 years ago to Egypt and China where the healing properties of massage were esteemed. Modern day Massage Therapy hosts a myriad of health benefits some of which include; a reduction in stress and blood pressure, pain relief, better sleep, increased lymph flow, prevention and treatment of scar tissue, and an overall increased feeling of well-being.

wellness massage and home remedies
prenatal & postpartum massage

         Deep Tissue Bodywork 

Deep tissue and injury treatment are umbrella terms for a variety of massage techniques which are aimed at breaking down  scar tissue and re-aligning soft tissue fibers while bringing circulation to a specific area to promote injury healing and increased range of motion. Deep tissue massage allows the therapist to access multiple layers of muscle, fascia, and connective tissue to enhance movement, decrease pain, and release the body of holding patterns. With injury treatment, a deep anatomical knowledge of the body is required so exact structure(s) that are affected can be accessed.  This type of bodywork focuses on specific areas of the body as opposed to full body massage and issues such as low back pain, shoulder injuries, tendonitis, and headaches are addressed. Lifestyle habits, diet, stretches, and ways to manage the injury are discussed as well. Like the wellness massage, Ayurvedic treatments can be added at minimal additional cost. 

            Wellness Massage

Wellness Massage encompasses long flowing massage strokes with the intention of increasing overall circulation, addressing adhesion points or "knots", clearing out the lymph system, and promoting quiet relaxation. A full body wellness massage is like a dance between the client and practitioner; it requires presence, skill, and full attention to the nuances of the body.  In addition to the massage, folk remedies are often incorporated; warm stones may be placed on the body to heat up areas of tension, a castor oil compress may be used to treat joint or muscle pain, and a facial steam with essential oils can be requested to help relieve colds or sinus congestion. The wellness massage pays attention to all aspects of one's heath with the addition of such "folk" remedies. Also, any of the Ayurvedic treatments may be added at minimal additional cost. 

         Pre-natal Massage

Prenatal massage therapy focuses on the mother-to-be by taking into consideration her changing physical, physiological, and emotional body. Massage during this time is safe for women with uncomplicated pregnancies and aids in decreasing stress, muscle tension due to a changing skeletal structure, and can help reduce the possibility of swelling, leg cramps and varicose veins.  By using the Body Cushion© Support System, this system of bolsters adjusts to fit each woman’s unique shape as she progresses through her pregnancy. Women are able to lie face down  with comfortable, safe, and stable support. With the additional training of being a Doula (labor support person) and the experience of childbirth, women are invited to discuss their pregnancies in an open, trusted, and supportive environment.